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My Story

I work as a teacher and an intuitive medium. I work as a messenger.


I live on the island of O'ahu in Hawai'i with my partner, four dogs, several fish, and dozens of plant and crystal friends. 


I grew up in the Christian church with a heart-felt connection to God and All That Is. I had experiences with spiritual beings when I was young and sparks of intuition and knowing. It wasn't until much later in life when I learned to harness and read this energy and to cultivate a relationship with the natural and spirit world. In my teens and twenties, I prayed to be of service. I never could have imagined my work might look like it does now.


I spent many years in inescapable pain and with crippling anxiety. I struggled to understand and manage what I sensed and felt. Eventually, it became obvious that I was not going to find my answers, healing, or wholeness where I had been told to look.


It was then that I ventured into the wilderness of the unknown. I chose to walk a path that called me to the spirit world and into the realms of soul.  I learned how to channel the energy I sensed through my body and use my voice to share the messages. With a lot of courage and challenging work, I learned how to bring wisdom, truth, love, and healing to my own life and then to those in my community. I had to learn how to listen to and trust the voices of soul and spirit I had (unknowingly) been trying to drown out for most of my life. I had to engage in relationship with them. With much determination and the support and investment of family and friends, I now allow this relationship with the spirt world to help myself and to serve others. 


I am a lifelong student and a teacher, both inside and outside of the ordinary classroom. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Religious Studies, traveled the world several times, and went on to earn a master's degree in Education while beginning my teaching career in Hawai’i schools. A few mentors here in Hawai'i were integral to my development, and I completed an apprenticeship program over the course of four years that helped me hone my skills and abilities. Through years of practice, I have developed a vocabulary with the spirit world that allows me to read the communication so that I can share the messages with people. I also continue my learning and growth with my teachers and friends in the natural and spirit world.


In my work, I ask for help and receive guidance, teaching, and spiritual healing for my clients during meditative journeys . I also channel messages from loved ones and our guiding spirits for healing relationships and hurts, for teaching and learning, and for growth. I enjoy teaching others how to read the language of the spirit world for themselves and how to integrate and bring this knowing into their day-to-day lives.


My work is deeply moving and impactful but also grounded in the here and now. Each session is unique and personalized. My work is for people of many walks of life and of any religion (or none at all). We all have unique soul-level connection, healing, and guidance available to us. Let’s tune into yours together.

Mahalo for being here. I look forward to connecting with you.



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