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Sometimes life’s challenges can feel like too much.

You might feel stuck, lost, numb, or be experiencing deep grief.


Or perhaps you know there's more to this life, and you are ready to explore....

No matter where you are in your journey, I can meet you there.

I meet you where you are and partner with the spirit world to shine a light on your path as you trek onward on your soul's adventure. 

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...your magic.

...your knowing.


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Helping you access the unique soul-level connection, healing, and guidance that is available to you.


Aloha, I'm Devon

I work as a teacher, an intuitive medium, and a messenger. I live on the island of O'ahu in Hawai'i with my partner, four dogs, several fish, and lots of plant and crystal friends. 

Over time, I have (re)learned how to listen to and trust the voices of spirit I had been trying to drown out for most of my life. I allow wisdom, love, healing, and truth from the spirit world to pour into my own life, and I show others how to do the same.


I am absolutely delighted to use my work and my relationship with the spirit world to serve my community in this way. 

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"I've met with a handful of intuitive mediums before and my reading with Devon has been one of my favorites! 
She helped dial in on some work I had to do, along with some modalities of healing that would be most beneficial to me. I would highly recommend a session with Devon if you're looking for guidance, clarity, or healing!"

Healing Journey Client

"Devon is a refreshingly authentic individual with impressive intuition and ability to divine understanding. Her methodology is clean and absent theatrics.
Her guidance has been extremely helpful uncoupling from trauma inhibiting forward momentum. A surprisingly inspirational experience and real joy to work with."

Healing Journey & Integration Client

"My experience with Devon I still go over in my head and heart til this day.
I have never had an experience before [with a medium] so I was kind of shocked when she was telling me about our visitor that we’ve been having...My eyes filled with tears because I didn’t want to believe it but everything Devon was saying was true."

Consultation Client

Guidance Grounded
in the Here and Now

Lifelong Student

 My undergraduate degree in Religious Studies, international cultural learning experiences, master's degree in Education and apprenticeships have all helped me strengthen and hone my skills.

Channeled Guidance

Each session is unique and personalized. I ask for help and receive guidance, teaching, and spiritual healing for my clients. My work is for people of many walks of life and of any religion (or none at all). 

Personalized Sessions

The language of the spirit world can be a little different than how we talk to each other. I help you unpack and integrate the meaning of messages that come through for you. 

Key Takeaways

I teach others how to read and hear the language of the spirit world for themselves and how to bring this knowing into their day-to-day lives. 

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A consultation is a great way to start slow if you have any reservations or questions before taking part in a full  Reading and Healing Journey Session. The consultation is a great time to ask questions about the work I do and how it might help you individually. You can also ask questions for guidance or further insight.

Consultations Include:

  • 30-minute virtual session

  • A recording of our session within 48-hours of completion

  • $40 off Healing Journey session if booked within 30 days of your consultation


Channeled guidance and mediumship readings often complement these sessions but is not guaranteed. Book a Reading and Healing Journey for the full experience.

$55 + tax


This is a two-part session that involves me performing a solo energy reading and meditative healing journey before our meeting and a virtual one-on-one session to unpack, explore, and integrate, what was uncovered and communicated to me throughout the meditation. This is 4 hours of service totally dedicated to you and your growth and healing.

Reading + Healing Journeys Include:

  • meditative journey session and reading prior to us meeting (audio recording provided to you)

  • written transcription/notes from journey with time stamps provided to you

  • 90 min virtual session together via Google Meet

  • A recording of our session within 48-hours of completion

$349 + tax


Integrations are follow-up sessions for further support in integrating the healing and guidance from the journey or to address other topics of your choice. These sessions are also for mentorship.

Each Integration Session Includes:

  • One hour-long virtual session

  • A recording of our session within 48-hours of completion

Channeled guidance and mediumship often complements these sessions.


$125 + tax

In-person sessions are welcome and available upon request and for an additional fee.

To inquire about an in-person session, or for any other questions you might have about booking your session, please reach out using the 'Contact Me' form below.


To Find Your Way...

 Let go of what was. Begin to allow what is. And be open to what is to come.

Let your life be your medicine.

Let's Connect:
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